Our Story

It starts + ends with family

Twelve Hawk was born from a place of deep grief, deep love and as a tribute to my late father. We are a family run business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Welcome to Twelve Hawk

I'm Brit, founder of Twelve Hawk.

In 2014 I lost my father rather suddenly to cancer. I honestly thought I would never recover. My heart was broken, my life changed forever and a piece of me died with him that day. If you have ever lost someone you know what I mean.

I felt stuck, misunderstood, hopeless, alone - you name it, I was going through it.

I designed these affirmations as a tool to navigate my grief journey + to help process all of those emotions as they surfaced.

They helped tremendously

I'm not healed yet, I don't think any of us ever completely heal, but I can say that the fact that I am able to type this out to all of you is a sign I'm better than I was.

I know these cards can do the same for you.

They are a pocket dose of comfort, of encouragement and validation that you are exactly where you need to be on your own journey.

We are a family run small business and truly hope that this thing we have created will have a lasting impact on you and yours as you travel through these seasons of life.

With you,