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Mental Health

Its Okay If You Fall Apart

Its Okay If You Fall Apart

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Sympathy gift box with a live succulent, our comfort stone, hugs packet and a our It's Okay mug beautifully packaged topped off with a personalized handwritten note.

When someone you care for loses someone they love it can be hard to know what to say or do. This sympathy box not only provides a useful tool for someone grieving, it is a gorgeous and long lasting way to remind them you're there for them. Handwritten card included.


◼️ MUG It's okay to fall apart sometimes, tacos fall apart all the time and we still love them. This inspiring and comforting coffee mug is a great gift for someone who needs a loving reminder. Mug is 11oz.

◼️ LIVE SUCCULENT A succulent is not only a unique gift, it's hardy and will last forever. Succulents may vary from the listing pictures but all will be a 3" rosette style in a terracotta pot. Care instructions included with succulent.

◼️ HUG SEED PACKET Include a virtual hug with 10 plantable paper hearts to remind your loved one that you're thinking of them. The seed paper blooms into beautiful wildflowers. Directions are included.

◼️ COMFORT STONE Add on an agate comfort stone for your loved one to carry in their pocket and rub when they are feeling tense, sad, or anxious. Approximately 1" in size. Stone colors will vary but will be hand selected for the recipient.

◼️ TEA Five servings of herbal tea to calm the nerves - the perfect addition to your gift box. Wooden sugar spoon included. Choose your flavor at checkout.

◼️ PERSONALIZED HANDWRITTEN CARD You can add a personalized message at checkout which will be handwritten on the back of your card.

◼️ PERSONALIZED HANDWRITTEN CARD You can add a personalized message which will be handwritten on the back of your choice of card, choose at checkout.

◼️ HAND PACKAGED with love ❤️, ribbon and crinkle cut in our custom designed thinking of you gift box.

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Meditative Bliss: This blend is a handcrafted blend of pure Chinese white tea, rosebuds and jasmine pearls, carefully selected for their unique and soothing properties.

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