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Mental Health

Its Okay If You Fall Apart

Its Okay If You Fall Apart

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Sympathy gift box with a live succulent, our comfort stone, hugs packet and a our It's Okay mug beautifully packaged topped off with a personalized handwritten note.

When someone you care for loses someone they love it can be hard to know what to say or do. This sympathy box not only provides a useful tool for someone grieving, it is a gorgeous and long lasting way to remind them you're there for them. Handwritten card included.


◼️ MUG It's okay to fall apart sometimes, tacos fall apart all the time and we still love them. This inspiring and comforting coffee mug is a great gift for someone who needs a loving reminder. Mug is 11oz.

◼️ TEA Five servings of herbal tea to calm the nerves - the perfect addition to your gift box. Wooden sugar spoon included.

◼️ CARAMELS Delicious buttery caramels to indulge in with a cup of tea when the day feels glum.

◼️ PERSONALIZED HANDWRITTEN CARD You can add a personalized message which will be handwritten on the back of your choice of card, choose at checkout.

◼️ HAND PACKAGED with love ❤️, ribbon and crinkle cut in our custom designed thinking of you gift box.

◼️FREE SHIPPING on orders over $59



Calming Tea: Enter a soothing blend of peppermint leaves, naturally-sweet licorice, and sage.

Coconut Oolong: Made with legendary Ti Kuan Yin oolong leaves from China, known for their light floral taste and clean finish, our Coconut Oolong is a meditative blend of oolong and creamy coconut.

Lavender Earl Gray: Emphasizing bold and floral fragrances, our Lavender Earl Grey is a therapeutic and relaxing blend of Ceylon black tea leaves, bergamot oil, blue lavender flowers, and orange peel.

Moroccan Mint: blend of green tea steeped in a gratuitous amount of fresh spearmint, making for a sweet-tasting pick-me-up to enjoy any time of day.

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